Lambros Teklos, ACA, CFA

Tax Advisory & Compliance, Liquidations, Valuations, FATCA/CRS/DAC6/CBCR

Lambros Teklos is a Chartered Accountant under the ICAEW and a Chartered Financial Analyst under the CFA institute.  Lambros is also an approved insolvency practitioner authorised to be appointed as a liquidator in Cyprus companies.

Lambros started his career in PwC Cyprus (10 years) and was the head of portfolio management (6 years) in a Cyprus regulated company prior to joining LSTS.

 Lambros majors in the following areas: Cyprus tax compliance, Tax and VAT advisory, Cyprus Tax and VAT  rulings, Cyprus company liquidations, shares and asset valuations and compliance with the Directives of Administrative Co-operation (DAC) such as CRS-DAC2, CbCR –DAC4, Cross border tax arrangements –DAC6.

 Most recent professional experience of Lambros includes:

  • Members and Creditors voluntary liquidations
  • Valuations of Intellectual Property such as applications, games and other software
  • Valuations of shares in private companies used as evidence in court and also presented in tax office
  • Tax rulings on the “IP Box” and various other topics
  • CbCR , CRS and DAC 6 reporting
  • VAT rulings